O guia definitivo para Digital Marketing

do it. Google hates repeated content and delists it from searches. If you must create multiple URLs… you’ll need to research canonicalization first.

Digital marketing is defined as the use of digital channels to promote a product or service. It's the opposite of offline marketing, for example. The goal of this approach is to connect with customers online—the place where they spend the most time seeking information or entertainment.

(You will want to hide things such as repeat content, which can be penalized by search engines but is still necessary on your sitio). You’ll find a link to how to modify the robots.txt at the end of this article.

The text of the links should be varied, and no more than 30% of your backlinks should contain your keyphrase, while pelo more than 30% should contain variants of that phrase – the rest should be “click here”-type links.

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The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate is a great option for learning the breadth of the digital marketing world, from email marketing and social media, to marketing analytics and e-commerce stores.

What’s great about local directories is that they help improve your online presence, plus support strategies that also aim to increase your web presence. Local directories, for instance, are useful for SEO and review management.

Similarly, you can visit your competitor’s social media profiles to research their activity and user interactions. While you can website follow the competition on social media, you may want to go incognito and use an account that’s not associated with your brand.

Automated transactional emails include automatic order confirmations, shipping updates and appointment reminders.

To improve the speed of your mobile site, try to keep your sitio lightweight—for instance, avoid heavy images, and minimize redirects.

(This doesn’t stop you from needing to repeat the keyphrase in the body of your content). H tags are HTML codes – you can find a link to HTML codes and how to use them at the end of this section.

Social Media Marketing The primary goals of a social media marketing campaign are to build brand awareness and establish trust.

It is essential to boost the website's organic (unpaid) traffic by enhancing its authority and relevancy for particular search searches. 

Planning and strategy, including decisions on how to handle content, build links to the website, manage social media presence and technical implementation strategies

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